People always say that it’s important to “drink your water.” But what about when you’re feeling too lazy to do anything other than grab a drink from the fridge? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Maxim and I’m the owner of the website Funky Smoothies. It’s a blog that focuses on resolving all mistakes of making smoothies, juices, coffee, tea, and other drinks, and answers all the questions about a healthy lifestyle.

Funky Smoothies Story

Funky Smoothies was originally started as a blog that was dedicated to providing a solution to the biggest problems and mistakes that you can make when making smoothies.

Since then, we have expanded to include juice, coffee, and tea categories, as well as other recipes that people can make in their homes!

I am constantly trying new tastes and testing different equipment so that my audience has the best solutions for them. I’ve been trying to find the best solutions for years now by trying different tastes and equipment to provide the best experience possible to our audience.

Funky Smoothies is a website dedicated to all things healthy drinks, and we have everything you need. From juice, coffee, tea, and even vegan smoothies – we’ve got something for everyone.


In our blog, we discussed some of the biggest problems and mistakes that you can make when making smoothies.

Here you will find tips and tricks for making great-tasting smoothies with the right consistency without breaking your budget.


We also tried some of the juices with different recipes and combinations. We are always exploring different combinations and new ideas, so you’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration in our blog.

We compiled some of the best juicing recipes that you can try in order to include more vitamins and nutrients into your diet.


Coffee is an essential part of our lives.

It’s a drink that takes us from grouchy morning to productive afternoon or late night for those who work the night shifts.

Coffee is ingrained in every facet of society, and as such, it has been studied extensively by many different disciplines: history, chemistry, neuroscience, etc.

Funky Smoothies will provide you with the best of what we’ve found out about coffee and how it affects our lives.

This can be anything from coffee recipes, to articles with some helpful tips for getting that perfect cupful every time.

We want you to have a good experience with your morning brews!


Tea is my favorite drink of all time.

It’s a sophisticated, delicate thing that can be enjoyed at many moments throughout the day, not just when we need an energy boost or want to take a break from our work.

Have Fun!

I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and find it valuable. I am always looking for feedback so please send me a message if you want to contact me!