Which Coffee is Best for French Press Coffee?

With a richer and fresher flavor, french press coffee is perfect to try out for your next brew. French press coffee can be confusing at first, and one of the most important questions you might find yourself asking is: what kind of coffee should I use?

There is no specific answer as to which coffee you should use for a french press, and much of it comes down to personal preference. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help make your french press coffee the best it can be. 

The rest of this article will guide you through the expert advice on french press coffee, and I will cover my favorite coffee beans for my french press!

My Recommended Coffee Bean Brands For French Press

Here is a list of some highly recommended coffee beans for french press coffee.

Koa Estate 100% Kona Coffee

This is a chocolaty dark roast of Hawaiian origin, with nuts and tropical fruit flavors.

Lifeboost Medium Roast

A medium roast of Nicaraguan origin, this is one of the best medium roasts, complete with a smooth, balanced flavor.

Volcanica Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This is one of the best light roast options, as a light-medium roast of Ethiopian origins, and blueberry, lemon, and blackberry flavor.

Coffee Bros. Costa Rica

This is one of the best single-origin coffees. A medium roast of Costa Rican origin, this coffee has cocoa, toffee, and lemony flavor.

Doma Bella Luna (Trade Coffee)

This is a fantastic dark roast coffee of Mexican origin and has a chocolate, caramel, and almond flavor.

Using Coffee Beans

For brewed coffee, many people use pre-ground coffee beans because it’s simpler and quicker. But when it comes to french press coffee, a bag of pre-ground Starbucks coffee is not exactly the best choice.

Experts recommend grinding your own coffee beans at home, as this will give you the freshest and richest tasting coffee. Pre-ground coffee beans often lose some of their flavors, so these coarse, freshly ground coffee beans will be the best choice.


Picking the Best Coffee Beans

As mentioned before, the best kind of coffee to use comes down to a matter of preference. You can try out different types of coffee beans if you aren’t quite sure which ones you like best.

Most coffee experts will recommend medium or dark roast coffee, particularly when it comes to french press coffee. These richer roasts work very well with the slower extraction of oils and flavor that are associated with the character of french press brewing.

Keywords to keep an eye out for are: french roast, full-bodied, smooth, smoky, chocolate, woody, cocoa, nutty, spicy, earthy, and/or caramel. These are some of the ideal qualities that coffee beans will have if they are good for french press coffee.

Discovering Your Coffee Preferences

The best way to discover your coffee preferences is to try different types of coffee! But to make it a bit more simple, here is a description of various types of coffee to facilitate your exploration.

When it comes to french press coffee, in particular, the terms dark roast and medium roast are everywhere. The main difference between the two is that a dark roast is roasted for longer, which results in a much stronger flavor. Medium roast is not quite as strong, but because it is not roasted for as long it might have a more distinct individual flavor.

There are also different origins of coffee beans, each of which has its own specific flavors and characteristics.

Ethiopian coffee is known for its more floral flavors, while Kenyan coffee is often more fruity, tasting like apple, raspberry, and/or blackcurrant. Brazilian coffee is often chocolate and hazelnut in flavor, while Indonesian coffee is a full-bodied, earthy flavored blend. Colombian coffee is of medium body, and commonly has a mix of spices and chocolate flavor.


The world of French press coffee can be confusing, but coffee lovers agree that it is an exceptional choice compared to other types of coffee. When deciding which coffee to use for your french press, there is a myriad of choices, and it comes down to your own preferences.

However, don’t forget to grind your own coffee beans for best results, and pick coffee beans that are recommended for french press coffee.