What To Do If Caffeine Does Not Affect You

If you fall into the category of people who are not affected by caffeine, it can be a struggle to maintain your energy throughout the day. Regardless of the reason that caffeine does not work for you, there are alternatives to keep your energy level up.

If caffeine does not give you energy, you can give yourself more energy by eating balanced meals regularly, staying hydrated, exercising, and maintaining a good sleep schedule. These are all-natural ways to encourage your body to energize itself without any stimulants.

A few minor changes in your diet and schedule can help you get that energy that caffeine is not giving you. Read on to see what kind of changes in your lifestyle can help you feel more energized.

How to Feel Awake Without Caffeine

There are many reasons that caffeine may not affect you. Sometimes it’s hereditary, sometimes it is simply due to high caffeine tolerance. No matter what the reason is, there are natural alternatives that can help you get the energy boost you are looking for.

Here’s a brief list of some quick things you can do if caffeine does not affect you:

  • Eat a low sugar snack that has protein and carbohydrates
  • Eat meals and healthy snacks regularly to maintain blood sugar levels
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Take a short walk
  • Set a consistent sleep schedule of 7 to 9 hours each night (you must go to sleep, and wake up at the same time every day)

These are all simple ideas that can help you maintain a consistent energy level throughout the day.

Additionally, there are other more in-depth steps you can take to give yourself energy when caffeine is not working for you. Combining these things together can have helpful long-term effects that will benefit your health overall. 


It may seem simple, but minor changes in your diet can make all the difference in your energy throughout the day. Foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates will only give you energy in short bursts, eventually resulting in an energy slump later on.

This will leave you swinging back and forth from being energetic to fatigued and groggy, which in itself can feel quite tiring.

You do still want some carbohydrates in your diet, but you can balance it out with protein to help you feel fuller and more energized throughout the day.

Here are a few examples of healthy snacks that will give you lasting energy:

  • Greek yogurt and fruit
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Trail mix
  • Peanut butter


Feeling fatigued is a common sign of being dehydrated.

Drinking water consistently throughout the day can help you avoid dehydration and thus avoid feeling more fatigued. You can also eat juice fruits such as watermelons and oranges to give yourself more hydration.


Exercising is a great source of natural energy. When you exercise, your cells are telling your body that you need more energy and your body will respond by providing you with more energy.

It also triggers the release of norepinephrine, which contributes to feeling awake and alert.

Fortunately, you do not need to commit to a full-blown intense workout schedule to get the energizing benefits of exercise. Simply taking a walk can help you feel more awake.

Even playing around with your pet dog can help you feel more awake. Whatever style of exercise suits your lifestyle and schedule, it will help you be more energized.

Sleep schedule

How you sleep affects how you will feel when you are awake. An inconsistent sleep schedule can tire out your body and your brain. Even if you consistently get enough hours of sleep each night, if you are going to bed and waking up at different times every day, your body will feel more tired.

It is important to make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep. Ideally, 7 to 9 hours each night is enough to help you function properly. Going to sleep at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every day will also make you feel more energized.

Consistently getting enough sleep at the same time each day will also allow your brain to set an internal clock. With time and practice, you may find that you naturally become tired and wake up easier at the same time each day. This consistency can help you maintain your energy throughout the day, as you likely will not become tired until the time you have scheduled for yourself.


No matter what the reason is that causes caffeine to not work for you, there are natural alternatives that boost your energy through the day and ensure that you do not go through energy bursts and slumps.

Making small changes, like adding a quick walk to your morning or packing a more balanced snack, will help give you the energy boost you need that you are not getting from caffeine.