What Stops You From Drinking Your Coffee?

A variety of factors could cause you to be unable to finish a cup of coffee, including new medication, physical changes as a result of aging, or simply getting distracted. You might also struggle to finish your coffee if your caffeine sensitivity has increased or you are drinking more coffee than your body can handle. Cutting back or drinking smaller amounts could solve the problem.

If you are struggling to finish your coffee and finding that you don’t enjoy it as much as you used to, it’s worth looking into what’s changed. It may be a minor shift or it could be major, but you should find out so you can go back to enjoying your drinks!

Why Does Aging Change Things?

There are lots of things that can prevent you from enjoying your cup of coffee as you normally would, but one of the key ones is aging. A lot of people find that their relationship with caffeine changes as they age.

If the coffee just doesn’t appeal as much as it used to, it may be because you don’t need as much energy as you did, or because the caffeine doesn’t give you the same buzz. There isn’t much that you can do about this, except adjust your coffee intake to minimize the wastage.

It’s also worth noting that many people find their tastes change as they get older. You might be less keen on sweet things, so if you have sugar in your coffee, cutting back on that sugar might make it more enjoyable to drink. If you find it’s too bitter, add a little more milk, or decrease the strength of the coffee.

Could Medication Be At Fault?

If you’ve just started a new medication, it’s possible that this is causing you to lose interest in your coffee. Most medicines won’t mess with your taste and appetite, but some will.

You might want to check in with your doctor about this to see if it’s a known side effect.

There may not be a solution to this issue, but you will at least understand what’s causing it. If you find that your appetite, in general, is low, you might want to discuss this with your doctor to make sure nothing is wrong.

High Caffeine Sensitivity

Sometimes, people find that they become more sensitive to substances like caffeine over time, and if this happens to you, you might feel jittery and wired before you have even finished your coffee. This will probably put you off finishing it.

If this is happening to you, check whether you are getting more caffeine from other sources than usual, or whether something else is messing with your body.

You can try drinking smaller and weaker coffees as a solution, or swap to a decaffeinated option. This might make it easier to drink the full cup, especially if you also begin using a smaller cup.

What To Do If You’re Just Forgetting To Drink It

Sometimes, you might fail to finish your coffee because other things get in the way. You may find you start working while you’re still savoring the mugful, and that something distracts you.

This is particularly true if you’re doing chores around the house that involve moving from room to room, as you’re likely to leave your coffee somewhere and forget about it.

There are a few options here, such as using a smaller cup so you finish your coffee more quickly, or making a conscious effort to sit still until you have finished it.

Alternatively, try using a thermal mug so that you have more time before the coffee goes cold. If you forget about it, you’ll find it’s still hot when you remember.

You can also microwave coffee to bring it back to temperature, or top it up with hot water and additional coffee. These things may make it easier to finish it off.


It’s frustrating to find that you can’t finish a beverage you used to enjoy, so if you are constantly leaving half-drunk cups of coffee around your house, check whether your tastes have changed or a medication is interfering with your drink.

If not, make sure you’re taking the time to drink your coffee before you start other parts of your day.