French Press Coffee Really Does Taste Better, Here’s Why

Many people sing the praises of French press coffee, but what really makes it so good? Well, there’s no singular factor, but rather a collection of many factors. French press coffee is so good because of the grinding method, the freshness of the ground beans, its unique texture, and the brewing process. The Grind One … Read more

Why Does My French Press Taste Watery?

A French press full of coffee sitting on your morning table is simply stylish but just because it looks fancy doesn’t mean the coffee inside will taste amazing. If your French press coffee tastes watery, you either poured it too early, didn’t use the right temperature water, or have not yet mastered the correct ratio … Read more

Can Coffee Machines Make Cold-Brewed Coffee?

Brewing coffee is often seen as a simplistic process with a simplistic machine, even if some of them do look overly complex and cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Regardless, the process is simple but always hot. Is there a cold alternative? Are there coffee machines that brew cold coffee? For those who … Read more

When does the Caffeine in Coffee “Kick In”? 

The Cleveland Clinic says, on average, it takes about 15 minutes for caffeine to feel in our systems. But, this time can change depending on the type of coffee you drink, what additives you have in your coffee, and how much you drink. How do you know how much coffee to drink? What things can … Read more

Can You Be Immune to Caffeine?

Thanks to the CYP1A2 gene and enzyme, it is entirely possible for you to almost or completely use caffeine in such a way that its effects on you are negligible at best. The CYP1A2 enzyme essentially negates caffeine as the body attempts to metabolize it.  Of course, there is a lot more to be discovered … Read more

Why Doesn’t Coffee Come in Sachets Like Tea?

In recent years, several large coffee manufacturers have tried packaging their coffee grounds like tea, i.e., in sachets. While you can technically brew coffee this way, the final result is usually unpleasant and subpar compared to a probably steep pour-over, percolated, or pressure-brewed cup of joe. It’s not so much a question of possibility, but … Read more