How to Keep Smoothies from Separating

Smoothies are great alternatives for meals. It can be used for weight loss, and for overall well-being. One thing that really irritates smoothie drinkers is that sometimes smoothies lose their creamy, thick consistency and separate when left for some time.  This leads to the liquid portion being left on the top and the denser particles … Read more

How many Smoothies should you drink a day

Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

There is no doubt that the smoothie culture is upon us. We can now find smoothie shops as commonly as coffee shops, as more and more people incorporate smoothies into their diets. Even food outlets are now adding smoothies to their menus. Are smoothies really that good?  Let us investigate these questions a bit more … Read more

How to Prevent Smoothies from Turning Brown?

Smoothies are very easy to prepare and are completely nourishing when healthy ingredients are used. The regular smoothie drinker usually faces the problem of the smoothies going brown while saving it for later use. It seems no longer palatable or healthy due to its color.  Here are some tips to prevent smoothies from turning brown. … Read more

Why should you replace your breakfast with a smoothie?

A smoothie can be an excellent and healthy meal alternative. It is also extremely convenient for those who detest cooking and are not morning people. So, should you replace your breakfast with a smoothie? Yes, you can replace your breakfast with smoothies as they are easy to prepare, portable, convenient, and healthy. But the ingredients … Read more