Can a French Press Be Used For Tea?

French presses are a great way to make filter coffee without the need for a coffee machine (and you get the benefit of avoiding instant!). But, can a French press be used to make other drinks? Can a French press be used for tea? A French press can be used for tea. You are only … Read more

All You Should Know About Making Tea for Large Events

When hosting a big event, you need to know how to make tea for a party! and you will need to provide enough refreshments for a large group of people. One of the most popular beverages served at sizable gatherings is tea. So, how do you make great teas for large events? So what are … Read more

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Tea In The Summer

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time for iced tea! But what about hot tea? Is hot tea ok in the summer? What are some of the best types of teas to drink in the summer? In this article, we explore hot teas for summer and try to answer these questions. There’s a lot of … Read more

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A Complete Guide to the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony, or Cha-No-Yu (茶の湯), is a traditional form of ritualized hospitality that originated in China. But the Japanese tea ceremony that we know today was mostly developed in Japan after Japanese Zen Buddhism came to the country from China. The tea ceremony is a tradition that has been passed down from one … Read more

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What Is a Tea Ceremony? All You Should Know

Tea has been a popular drink for centuries. It’s often served at social gatherings and it can be an integral part of many cultures. Tea ceremonies are a common ritual in Japan, China, Korea, Sri Lanka, and other countries that have adopted this cultural tradition. This article will provide information about what a tea ceremony … Read more

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The Benefits of Drinking Tea with Lemon: A Simple Guide

Lemon is one of the most popular ingredients in tea. The citrus fruit adds a fresh flavor to many types of tea, making it more refreshing and delicious. Moreover, adding lemon to your drink can provide numerous health benefits. Whether you want an antioxidant boost or relief from acid reflux, adding lemon to your tea … Read more

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