How to Make Cold Brew Coffee?

There’s nothing like a cup of ice-cold brewed espresso coffee on a hot summer day to wake you up. I’m here to inform you that preparing your own is both simple and inexpensive.

There isn’t any need for expensive cold brew equipment, French press (though if you already have one, that’s great!), or Starbucks… just a jar, some sort of filter, and a couple of terrific beans. Just add some milk (or water) and a sweetener to this concentrate, and you’re good to go!

Can You Make Cold Brew Espresso At Home?

Cold brew coffee has quickly risen in popularity and is now one of the most popular ways to make “iced coffee”. While many people think that cold brew espresso at home is impossible, it can actually be achieved with a few simple steps. This blog post will teach you how to make your own cold brew espresso at home!

To answer your question, yes, you can make cold brew espresso at home. But it will take a little bit of work and time, and in the end, you still may not quite get what you’re after.

To be clear we’re talking about cold brew coffee here, not iced coffee.

What’s the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee?

Iced coffee is brewed hot and then immediately cooled down with ice before drinking it. Cold brew coffee is a different animal altogether.

To make cold brew coffee, the process of steeping coarsely ground beans in room temperature water for many hours is what you’re doing.

How to Make Cold Brew Espresso At Home?

Cold-brew espresso is one of the hottest trends in coffee right now. It’s extremely popular because it can be made at home and it tastes great, which means no more expensive trips to your favorite cafe!

To begin, let’s address the query I raised earlier, and then I’ll go over additional important points.

Cold-brew espresso is a type of coffee made by steeping ground coffee beans in water for at least 12 hours. This allows the coffee to infuse into the water and create a strong, concentrated brew. The common method is to grind the coarsely, which you can do yourself at home or wherever you buy the beans. Then combine the grounds with water, let it steep overnight or for around 10-12 hours.

To make cold brew espresso is similar to making regular cold brew, only with a lot more coffee.

Many people ask me if it is possible to make cold-brew espresso using an expresso machine.

It is not possible to make cold-brew espresso using an espresso machine, because the machines are made to heat the drink. Cold-brew espresso should be made by hand using a jar and filter. It can also be made using a French press.

Steps To Make Your Cold Brew Coffee

For a basic batch, you will need 80 grams of freshly ground dark coffee beans and 3 cups of water. You want the bean to be finely ground, nice and have small grinds.

Once you’ve got your beans and water ready, you’ll pour both into a large container with a lid. Mix well and place the lid on securely. Stir the mixture well to ensure all the coffee grinds have been wetted, this helps increase the flavor and brew quality.

Keep in your fridge for a minimum of 10-12 hours, preferably more. The longer you wait, the stronger the coffee will be.

After the cold brew espresso is done steeping and you’ve reached your preferred strength, you’ll need to filter out the coffee grinds. To do this, you will need a thin coffee filter (preferably the cup-shaped kind) and a large bowl or mug.

How to Serve Cold Brewed Coffee?

You’ll need to pour the coffee mixture over the filter and let all the liquid gently drain out. You can, then, dispose of the filter and used grinds. Once the coffee has been effectively filtered, you have yourself about 4 servings of ready-to-drink, cold brew espresso.

It is common to drink cold brew espresso by itself (1 serving on average = 1/4 cup), however, many people also prefer theirs’ diluted using milk, cream, or water.

Different Ways to Enjoy Cold Brew Espresso

There are many different ways to drink cold brewed espresso. You can experiment and find the style that you enjoy best or you can try some popular classics and cafe favorites.

Clean and Strong

One way to enjoy espresso is by itself. A typical serving of espresso by itself is 1/4 cup. It is probably very strong and bitter tasting but is also the perfect way to give yourself the jolt of energy you may be needing.

Iced Latte

There are several espresso recipes that are known for being extremely popular, such as, an iced latte. An Iced Latte is a just cold espresso with cold milk. A typical espresso uses steamed milk, but that is for a hot drink. If you want your drink to be cold, it should be topped with cold milk and a hefty serving of ice.


Much like an iced latte, a macchiato is made using milk and espresso. The difference is in the milk. An iced latte would have cold milk, while a macchiato uses frothed milk. This is when the cold milk is shaken or whisked until it becomes almost foamy. A cold macchiato would also typically be made without ice, but if you’re looking for something a little extra, adding ice is fine too.


Another popular option is an Americano. An Americano is usually a hot drink made with hot espresso and hot water; however, if you are using your cold brewed espresso, adding cold water will work just as well to make an iced Americano.

Using 1/4 cup of cold brew espresso and 1/2 cup of cold water, the espresso will be diluted into a cold americano. Add as much ice as you please and enjoy. Remember, though, that an Americano is typically not sweet or creamy.

It is a rather bitter, straightforward drink that is usually had as a way of quickly getting the energy boost needed rather than for pleasure and enjoyment.


One of the most popular ways to drink espresso in the States today is a Frappe. Frappes are like dessert and coffee combined. To make a frappe, you add ice, espresso, a splash of milk, and your ice cream of choice to a blender and blend until smooth.

Top it with whipped cream and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat for any time of day. Because of their popularity, frappes can be found at almost any establishment that sells coffee.


Cold-brew espresso is perfect for those who want a more acidic and stronger cup of coffee. It takes longer to brew but can last up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator, and is always ready to be drunk. This article has provided you with all the knowledge you need on how cold brewed espresso works as well as some recipes that may interest you.

Enjoy your drink!