22 Surprising Ingredients You Can Add to Your Coffee

Have you ever tried to spice up your coffee with something other than just traditional sugar and cream? If so, then this listicle is for you!

Here are 22 surprising ingredients that can be added to coffee in order to create a new taste sensation. From honey to cinnamon, there’s no limit to the different flavors of coffee that you can enjoy.


Besides adding a delicious flavor blend to your coffee, cinnamon can lower glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Coffee flavors mix well with cinnamon, creating a nutty, bitter-sweet taste that warms your core.


This one is weird, yet surprisingly delightful. It gives the coffee a creamy, buttery flavor while creating health benefits at the same time. Buttery coffee gives your body an extra boost of energy which, in turn, helps burn away fats.

Ice Cream

A particularly delicious additive. A nice scoop of vanilla ice cream in your coffee will create a delicate, sweet treat. Creamy and delicious.

The ice cream will melt a bit and create a creamy, sugary drink that everyone will love. You do not have to add sugar if you use ice cream.

And in general, sugar should never be added to coffee, so enjoy the flavor of coffee without it!


Like cinnamon, cardamom adds a delicious, nutty flavor to your coffee while providing a variety of health benefits including lowering cholesterol.


For many countries, alcohol is a regular addition to their coffee drinks. If you’re looking for something exotic, there are a few ways to spice up your coffee using alcohol.

Add vodka for a Russian coffee. Add Jameson and whipped cream or Bailey’s Irish Cream for a sweet Irish coffee.

Lemon, Lime, or Salt

It may sound gross, but adding a touch of lemon, lime, or salt helps to neutralize the bitterness that comes with drinking coffee black or strong. However, if you prefer something a little more pleasant, sweet cream will also do the trick.

Make sure the lemon is not used with milk, it will curdle.

Condensed Milk

Another concept foreign to the United States, adding condensed milk is popular in Asian countries such as Vietnam.

It creates a thick, sweet treat for you to enjoy.

Sparkling Water

If you’re one to enjoy a fizzy refreshment on a hot summer day, this could be just the thing for you. Adding Sparkling water to an iced coffee creates a chilled, caffeinated beverage much like soda pop.

Fall Spices

Everybody loves a fall-flavored coffee, adding fall spices such as nutmeg and/or ginger will do just that. Besides tasting delicious, fall spices also offer a variety of health benefits including detoxing.


Honey is a natural sweetener that comes with a variety of health benefits. You can mix it in coffee or tea for an even sweeter taste!

Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar. It’s organic and loaded with sweetness. Spanish coffee typically contains honey and milk.

Coconut Milk

For anyone who can’t have or doesn’t want to have dairy, coconut milk is a sweet, rich alternative. It’s low-calorie and dairy-free, creating a healthy way to touch up your coffee drinks.


Enhance the flavor of your coffee by adding a heaping helping of freshly melted chocolate to your cup. The chocolate will sweeten and enrich the coffee. Many people prefer dark chocolate but milk chocolate also goes well with the flavor of the coffee.

Almond Extract

Almond extract is the perfect way to add a warm, nut flavor to your coffee. Try it with milk for a lovely refreshment.


Peppermint can be strong, so be wary of how much you add. Try mint with sweet cream to liven up your coffee around Christmas.

Raw Egg

This may sound gross to most of you but it’s quite popular among Norwegians. It’s an interesting process that requires some focus.

You must first boil about three cups of water. Once boiling, take a quarter cup of the water and put it in a glass. Add a raw egg to the glass and your coffee grounds. Mix it well, it has a similar texture to brownie batter.

Pour the mixture into the pot with the water in it and mix it together. Let boil for about 2-3 minutes then add roughly half a cup of cold water to the pot.

The egg and grounds should sink to the bottom. Pour over a strainer into a glass and it’s ready to drink.

This style of coffee creates an almost clear color, considered to be healthier than normal coffee.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is filled with more antioxidants than both wine and green tea, so adding it to your coffee will not only add flavor but also lower your blood pressure.

This type of coffee could be beneficial to a diet.

Maple Syrup

Much like honey, maple syrup can be an extremely sweet, yet healthier, alternative to sugar. Not only added for sweetness, but for flavor as well, maple syrup is popular, especially in Canada.


If you like your coffee beans freshly ground, this is an especially go trick to know. When grinding your coffee beans, throw a few hazelnuts in to be ground as well.

This naturally adds hazelnut flavors to your coffee.

For those of you who don’t grind the beans at home, simply add hazelnut oil to your coffee. It adds a buttery, sweet, nutty flavor to your coffee while still adding healthy fats to your diet.


Lavender is a rare option for coffee. Lavender is more frequently added to tea, but it can be enjoyed in coffee as well. It gives off a lovely herbal note while providing soothing effects.

Lavender is also good for pain management and insomnia.

Orange Juice

Orange peel is popular in Italy, served on the side of espresso so as to dim the bitter flavors. It is much like lemon and lime. Citrus is the common variable.

Orange juice is more an American thing though. Refreshing, cold orange juice gets topped with a shot of espresso for a large concoction of vitamins.

Agave Syrup

My favorite!

Extracted from the Agave plant, this syrup is an organic sweetener much like maple syrup and honey. The earth is full of healthy alternatives, agave is among the more popular.

More often, it’s used in smoothies and fruit drinks, but it also makes a delicious, sweet addition to coffees and teas.

Cacao Nibs

Cacao beans are dried and broken into small bits, creating a slightly bitter, treat. Add these to your coffee grounds for a dark, nutty chocolate flavor.

Use them as a topping for a delicious, crunchy addition to the smooth, warm texture of coffee.

If you top your coffee with whipped cream and then sprinkle cacao nibs on top, the sweet, fluffy cream blends perfectly with the crisp and bitter nibs.

If you’re looking for a coffee recipe with more than just caffeine, try one of these 22 surprising ingredients. You’ll find that each addition offers its own unique flavor to the drink – perfect if your morning routine is getting old and unappealing!

And who knows? Maybe by adding something new into the mix, you might discover your next favorite type of coffee.