Top 4 Best Blenders Under 50$

Before we will jump into the article, in case you do not want to read my full review below, here is my first pick out of the 4 blenders that I reviewed below.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

A blender is undoubtedly a must-have in every kitchen. Whether it is indulging yourself in making delicious smoothies or amping up your fitness game, blenders are on their way to recuse all recipe disasters to help you have a seamless experience making your favorite smoothies.

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Blenders under $50 are an excellent way to get your hands on highly effective blenders to get the job done without demanding much effort from your side.

There is a huge difference between cheap and affordable blenders. Where cheap is referring to the machine’s quality, affordable is merely related to how a blender can offer relatively the same qualities but only at a lower price.

To help you get just that, here’s an unbiased review of the top 4 best blends under $50 that you must try.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher (54220)

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To start with the brand, Hamilton Beach is known for giving you exactly what you need to make your life easier. Whether it is a specific design that you desire or functional, you name it, and the next thing you see is a new blender with all the necessary features. They are always ahead with their research and carry out rigorous testing to find the best solutions that you didn’t know existed before.

What distinguishes Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher from the rest is how it delivers completely smooth results that can make each sip better than the last.

How? Unlike ordinary blenders with a poor design which lets the food content stick to the edges and thus leave whole chunks of smoothies untouched by the blade, this blender is patient by a Wave-Action System that is specifically made to force down the food into the blades to crush down every last bit of your drinks.

Whether it is shakes, ice, or perhaps smoothies, you can count on this incredible blender to offer you a 40-ounce glass jar with drinks before you know it.

The 700-watt peak power along with 14 blending functions give you the freedom to blend anything with no effort whatsoever. These are:

  • Dicing
  • Grinding
  • Chopping
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Pureeing

And you name it.

Another thing to note here is that the patented Ice Sabre blades can manage to crush down even the toughest ingredients without having to put too much burden on your shoulders.

The black color base of the blender can easily hold up to 40 oz of liquid enough to make a large amount of smoothie in one go. One of the most common concerns of people who use blenders is the risk of liquid fall over when the blender is on top speed. Luckily, this is not the case with the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender.

The excellent built and stable cover can make sure you don’t create a mess while making your favorite milkshakes or smoothies. Besides that, this heat-resistant glass jar has been tested for thermal shock to endure extreme temperature changes.

The jar surface markings are easy to read and provide a guideline for measuring large and small quality to get the right ingredients in the perfect quantities with no hassle whatsoever.

If you think these are plenty of perks, wait till you find out that this feature-rich and highly convenient blender is dishwasher safe to make sure you have a completely effortless journey in the kitchen.

Pour in any fruits, vegetables, and liquids you may have for the recipe, start the blender, use the mess-free spout to pour the smoothie in your glass easily, and pop the blend in the dishwasher to get all of this process covered for you.

Apart from this, one thing that allows it to take the upper hand over the rest is how straightforward it is for this blender to crush down the ice and use its 700-watt peak power motor to crush icy drinks.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy cleanup
  • Powerful ice crushing
  • Easy to pour


  • From my experience, the blender will blend longer frozen fruits. (pro tip – chop the fruits into smaller pieces!)

Magic Bullet Blender (My Favorite)


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This 11-piece blender set is all you need to have a perfect blending session every day. This includes additional blender cups, blenders, blades, mixes, blends, whips, grinds, recipe books, and whatnot.

The high-impact plastic used to make the cups ensure extreme durability for the blender, allowing you to blend even the hardest fruits and vegetables. This type of blender is widely known to make omelets, sauces, dips, and smoothies, considering the 250-watt high torque base never compromises the quality regardless of the price.

What gives a competitive edge to this blender is the recipe book packed with delicious dishes like appetizers and desserts to make the most out of the blender. Whether there is a big party at home or thinking of making something special for yourself, you can always count on Magic Bullet Blender to go through it all.

Unlike the traditionally large and bulky blenders that take up significant space on the countertops and are a complete headache to store, you can say good to this problem as this blender is made up of a highly efficient design that offers unprecedented features and results, what’s more, the magic bullet is easy to clean and is dishwasher name for that added convenience.

Like the blender mentioned above, this outstanding blender can also crush the ice with its powerful blades.

It also eliminates one of the most daunting concerns: making the completely easy to spend hours browsing the internet or reading the manual. When we generalize the concept of technology, we have to admit how unpredictable they are.

One moment everything is working fine, and one mistake can cost a full breakdown of the machine. To help us combat that, the entire unit of this blender comes with a one-year warranty to help you make up for any broken or damaged parts.

What the manufacturers focus on the most about this particular blender are the recipe books that are highly useful and interesting. Add the ingredients of a liquid of your choice, and you don’t have to worry about what you are going to do with your blender for the day.


  • Lightweight and thus portable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Offers warrant and excellent customer service


  • Although the company claims to crush ice, I saw some lack of effectiveness in this task.

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

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Now here comes the ideal blender for regular use. The 600-watt moto of this amazing blender is powerful enough to break any fruit seeds or nuts without having to cut them. The blade’s cyclonic action made use to provide a refined blend of all the nutrients to make this an efficient choice to buy.

That’s not it,  the 24-ounce cup capability of the blender can allow you to use even larger servings without having to carry out multiple sessions.

This factor also adds to solving the storage space concern, so it’s never a bad idea to go for its irresistible functional design, which offers the practicality of storage-saving and saves time by helping you finish off your smoothies in one go. For anyone who likes to meal prep, this can be an excellent option too.

In seconds, you get to have the most beautiful blend of all for your favorite foods as the superb quality and design of this blend ensure that it leaves no stone unturned to get you nothing but the best in smoothies.

The cups are BPA free which aids high performance and removes any problems associated with plastic blender cups. Just like the Magic Bullet blender, this also comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Now that was for the practical benefits of this specular blender when we shift our attention towards its aesthetic appeal, NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender is one of the easiest solutions that also comes with a grey design to match the rest of your kitchen appliances seamlessly.

Its modern build is meant to be displayed on countertops, but if you find that too cluttering, its space-saving body can easily fit into any drawer or cabinet.

Although with 6.89 pounds, this blender is one of the heaviest blenders on our list, the fact that it comes with a large array of benefits and features, you can certainly believe that this feature is also there for good.

The personal blender works perfectly fine, and the easy-to-clean jar means simply adds the soap and clean blades and other heavier parts and pops the cups into the dishwasher to make sure it gets even the last bits out.

With just under $50, you get to have this outstanding blender with durable parts, powerful blending blades, and a convenient design to make blending a hassle-free experience for you.


  • BPA-free plastic
  • It comes in a modern grey color to match the rest of your kitchen appliances
  • Easy to use design
  • Durable blades
  • Seamless cleaning


  • Since it is a low-powered blender, it has a hard time blending whole fruits and vegetables.

Ninja QB900B Blender

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As a general rule of thumb, expensive items don’t necessarily mean they have the best features, and qualities and will ensure a better experience than other inexpensive blenders. When you feel reluctant to buy an expensive product only because it didn’t give the right feel, there are always times when you feel reluctant to buy an expensive product. In the same way, affordable blenders like Ninja QB900B Blenderone will never let you down with their spectacular features that can even beat some of the most well-known expensive blenders of all time.

Sure, expensive ones can have the upper hand in performance and a few advanced technologies, but affordable ones are no less either when it comes to getting a real job done. This personal blender can also work as a food processor to help you make the most out of the one-time investment.

It comes with a 48-ounce pitcher and a 16-ounce chopper bowl to mark this name as the most versatile option on our list of the best blenders under $50. The blade of Ninja QB900B Blender is what makes it an excellent choice for crushing, chopping, and blending your fruits and vegetables regardless of how thick and dense they are.

Instead of inefficiently blending all of the mixtures, this blender’s excellence lies in extracting the food’s nutrients first and then adding the liquid to create a perfect and healthy blend. The blender’s super sleek design and lid make it stand out from the seas of other blenders out there.

Although the 400-watt motor power of the blender might seem a little less of a 48-ounce pitcher, its compact design can actually devour cold storage food better than any other blend out there. The upside-down blade is one of the things that gives a competitive edge to this already perfect blender.

Instead of adding the food into the jar with a blade, you put the motor on top of the jars. According to experts, this design tends to have a better advantage of crushing all the large chunks from the top to make sure you only get the best results at the end.

Gone are days when you had to go through the manual to operate such complicated technology rigorously. It was tiring, but the fact you weren’t able to use all of its features definitely added to the list of its cons. Fortunately, the blender’s ergonomic operation allows you to make highly safe and easy-to-use products with just a single touch on the machine.

The anti-splash guard and no-slip base eliminate two of the most concerning blender issues of all time to aid an effortless journey in the kitchen.

The easy lip pour spout, and 2 cup processor minces, purees, blends, dices, and chops any food you want at home. As if this wasn’t already enough, you can now add much ice as you want inside the blender and expect to bet the same results.

The strong power pod of the blender stitches between the 16 ounces of chopper bowl to 48 ounces pitcher adding versatility. When we specifically talk about the maintenance and other convenient features, you can also make sure to amp up your game there as well. The lids are easy to clean in a dishwasher as for the rest of the machine, simply use a damp sponge to wipe the powerhead to get maximum cleanse.

However, bear in mind to keep the liquid away from the motor since it can damage the machine. After the wash, if you notice the blender is not working, you can try unplugging the power cable connection and plugging it in again to see the difference.

It is recommended that you place the blades, splash guards, and lids on the top rack of the dishwasher to make sure they get purchased down by the heavy load of the other dishes as well. The interchangeable and ergonomic design of the blender adds steadiness and effectiveness while making your smoothies in seconds.

Generally speaking, before buying any blender, it is never a bad idea to look for loud noises as it can be one of the most disturbing appliances in the kitchen. You certainly don’t want to wake the family members up when you’re craving a good midnight smoothie, right?

To help you eliminate this problem, Ninja QB900B Blender is armed with just the right features to have a noise-free environment, all while offering you an affordable price for its outstanding performance. All in all, the large, durable jar and impressive motor of this specific blender is what has led its name to our list of the top 4 best blenders under $50.

Other than that, as we all know, regardless of what the manufacturers may rave about, you get to see the real potential of the product through customer reviews. There is something also so authentic about their experience that helps you make the right decision.


  • One-touch pulsing can aid usability
  • Dishwater safe
  • Anti-spill splash guard for a mess-free blending
  • High power pod


  • Everything worked for me perfectly, but there have been a few complaints about the performance of the motor

Final Words

Coming to the guide’s end, you must be now aware of the best options to go for on the market. One of the reasons why online shopping for blenders is the ideal choice is that it allows you to compare the prices and features better than any other method.

Before you purchase the blender, make sure you are aware of your requirements. Match them with the blenders mentioned above, and weigh all the pros and cons to make an informed decision. All these blenders are similar to one another in terms of price as they are all under $50 but when it comes to construction and features, they may offer different functionality.

Good luck with your choice!